Amerigel Post-op Surgical Kit

Amerigel Post-op Surgical Kit

1 oz. tube would dressing
4 oz. wound wash
30 fabric bandages
30 day gauze pads


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AmeriGel® Post-op Surgical Kit combines the advantages of Amerigel® wound care products with the convenience of a 30-day, pre-packed, easy to use kit. Developed for use following minor surgical procedures including I & D, nail surgery, wound debridement, wart removal, skin biopsy and laser surgery, AmeriGel® Post-op Surgical Kit contains everything necessary to meet the needs of your patients post-op care protocol.

Increase patient compliance and outcomes while saving patients time and money by dispensing the AmeriGel® Post-op Kit from your practice. Your patients will appreciate the convenience of leaving your practice with the appropriate post-op dressings and avoiding costly and confusing trips to the pharmacy.

  • #1 Rated Topical Following Matrixectomies
  • Increases Compliance, Convenience and Consistent Outcomes following Surgical Procedures
  • Easy to Dispense All-In-One Kit, Avoids Unnecessary Trips to the Pharmacy
  • Promotes a Moist Wound Environment
  • Sterile, Sting-FREE Wound Cleansing
  • Latex-Free Fabric Dressings
  • Continuous 30-day post-op care
  • Saves Patients Time and Money

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